Myth or Fact

Many have their own idea about what a chamber does, how it operates and where it belongs. Here are a few facts to set you straight on who we really are!


MYTH: The Chamber of Commerce is part of the City.

FACT: While we proudly work hand and hand with the City, we are actually a separate entity that is funded merely by membership dues.


MYTH: The Chamber of Commerce supports all businesses in the area at all times.

FACT: While part of this statement is true, the Chamber spiritually supports all businesses, the fact is, your Chamber makes referrals, has ribbon cuttings, and assists their members – after all they are the one’s who are buying into the chamber.


MYTH: The Chamber has all listings of motels/hotels, attractions, maps, etc. for all cities.

FACT: Your Chamber has a phone number and some basic information for many cities in Texas. However, if you need information on Big Spring – we’ve got it!


MYTH: The Chamber is nothing but a social click.

FACT: Your Chamber is for you! We work to involve all areas of Howard County and welcome any member who is willing to participate.

Helping Businesses Take Care of Business!